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Hello there! My name is Boris Trifunović, I'm a highly creative and passionate 3d Artist from Belgrade specializing in modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering with a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking that is consistently displayed across all of my art works. My main style is Surrealism but I might occasionally sprinkle in some Science Fiction into my beloved artworks.


Born in a small town called Kragujevac in the year 1995, my life always was a crazy adventure and it got even better when I got into 3d, around 2011/2012. I discovered Cinema4D back then and started using it to make Call of Duty montages, fun days. Shortly after I decided to start making 3d art and since then I have fell in love with 3d art and I've been exploring pretty much everything 3d has to offer. Graphic design is my second passion but nowadays it is mostly used for nothing else than to add to my 3d projects.


One sentence to describe my art:

Making the uncanny rearrangements of the mundane.

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